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Baked Apples

October 20, 2010

Core a couple of apples. Mix together some brown sugar and cinnamon (optional fancification: chopped nuts, raisins) and stuff full the hole where the core once was. Top with a pat of butter.

If you are a lightweight, cut the apple in half and then remove the core. Which, come on. These are APPLES. They are GOOD FOR YOU. Have a whole one, really.

Baked Apple

Throw them in a pan, pour in some boiling water, and toss them in the 375°F oven for 45 minutes or so. Until they are soft but not too squishy. The skin should burst in a few places a la Hulk's transformation, if Hulk transformed into something soft and hot and sweet and sugary.

Baked Apple

Pull them out and take a bunch of pictures of them until Steve whines from the couch, "Where is my apple? I want an aaaaaapple!"

Slice it with a knife and fork and declare how it smells just like an apple pie but without all of that pesky crust. Serve with ice cream, if you had thought of picking some up at the store on your way home from work.

Recipe from Simply Recipes.

A Bit of Reading

October 15, 2010

This brings me to 12 books finished since February.

In Open Spaces - It was a good read despite reading this book right during Melissa's anniversary. Death and grief are big themes in the book, and I spent the majority of this read in tears.

Good Benito - The book explored the disconnect between being entrenched within your work and the everyday emotional and physical world. The scientists in this book, including the main character, are so focused on their studies that they remove themselves from family, friends, and other human interaction.

The main character, Bennet, regains some connection with his niece at the end, but by that time I really couldn't care - the ending felt more like the middle of a chapter. And there were a number of themes I wish the author had explored more, especially Bennet's relationship with his parents' maid, Florida.

The Road - I didn't even know this had been created into a movie until Steve mentioned something when I was halfway through it. I added it to my Netflix, will see what the movie is like.

I really enjoyed this book. The short sections served to give little glimpses at the character's lives as well as remove any sense of how much time has passed between each section - it could be minutes, days, months. The characters often don't know how much time has passed, no reason for the reader to know.

The story focuses on the character's love and care for each other in a horrific and cursed post-apocalyptic world. They tell each other and themselves that they are looking for the Good Guys and avoiding the Bad Guys while they are constantly moving, but they disagree on how to interact with people they pass who are obviously not Bad Guys. In a world where starvation and death is always within reach, how much can one reach out to help another? And how will they find the Good Guys when they don't trust anyone beside each other?

I wasn't trying to kill him, he said. But the boy didn't answer. They rolled themselves in the blankets and lay there in the dark. He thought he could hear the sea but perhaps it was just the wind. He could tell by his breathing that the boy was awake and after a while the boy said: But we did kill him.

Studio Valette

October 4, 2010

One of my Thirty before 30 things I wanted to accomplish was starting my photography business. In May I took an online workshop that helped me with a business plan and marketing plan and all kinds of good things.

Damon helped me tremendously with turning a chicken scratch pencil sketch into a hip and pink logo.

Steve helped me code the Studio Valette portfolio website with a pretty awesome backend for clients to select and purchase prints.

I have a Facebook page that you all should go Like immediately.

And I have an Etsy shop to sell some fine art prints.

I'm a little scared and a lot excited, but also pretty confident I can scratch #1 off my Thirty before 30 list.

Start a business: DONE.

The Proper Way To Bury A Toy

October 3, 2010

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