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First O-Flash Tests

One of my Christmas gifts this year is an O-Flash adapter that turns a flash on my camera into a...
27 DEC

Boxing Day Hot Cocoa

We spent the Christmas weekend in Homer with my parents and it was lovely. We had a mostly uneventful drive...
26 DEC

Advent Day 19

Build a Lego nativity scene. Done and done....
20 DEC

A Brown Sugar and Butter Of A Weekend

18 DEC

Into the Holiday Spirit

It's not really Christmas until I subject the dogs to wearing silly hats in front of the Christmas tree. It's...
16 DEC

Wreath in the Making

Growing up my family hunted wild Christmas trees in the woods like the real Alaskans we are, and every time...
14 DEC

Monday After the Blizzard

I really should have stayed home this morning. When my alarm went off and I saw the school district's twitter...
12 DEC


A week or so ago I decided now that our family was more solidly in the Family side of the...
01 DEC

Mitzi Is Learning the Laziness

A couple of evenings last night and this weekend we have been at our computers or on the couch when...
28 NOV

Fraug Frowg Fwog Frawg

23 NOV

Alaskan Gothicker

A mashup by my friend Phil:...
21 NOV

Bonk No More

Mitzi has spent the last week and a half bonking her cone into furniture and legs and walls and Olive,...
19 NOV

Reason #256 I love my husband

He's just as willing to wear no clothes in zero degrees as I am....
17 NOV

After Five O'Clock

Home, changed out of my work clothes and into leggings and a long henley dress and long socks bunched up...
15 NOV

Tibetan Mastiff

I've decided that the next dog we get is going to be a Tibetan Mastiff. This is not an impulse...
14 NOV

Click, Click, Click, Click Camera

Right so while I was in Vancouver earlier this month going to the public market and eating ramen with long-time...
13 NOV

Habitat For Humanity Restore

Steve and I stopped in the Restore this afternoon. We had just found out of its existence, and I lie...
11 NOV

Granville Island Public Market

I had planned to walk to the Granville Island Public Market on my last day in Vancouver to get some...
10 NOV

Ear Worm: Something in the Water

Give me nights of solitude, red wine just a glass or two, reclined in a hammock on a balmy evening...
09 NOV

Cone of Shame

Mitzi had an appointment this morning to be spayed, and unlike Olive and unlike Lacey who both went into heat...
08 NOV

So Glad To Be Home

I had the day off work which was fortunate planning on my part because 1. the combination of daylight savings...
07 NOV

Before I Leave Canada

I'm drafting this in the airport on my way out of Vancouver and back to Alaska (via Seattle). I...
06 NOV

Walk Around the City

This morning I met my brother and his new husband in their super awesome Owner's Suite for brunch. Then I...
05 NOV

Beautiful Day For a Wedding

Vancouver was beautiful today. Slept in, had lunch and coffee at a cafe and worked on studio stuff while a...
04 NOV

Hello Canada

Today started super early With Steve dropping me off at the airport for my flight to Vancouver. I was traveling...
03 NOV

International Traveler

When I was 16 I visited Paris with my high school French class and I climbed the Eiffel Tower. When...
02 NOV

My Love of Graph Paper

The old blog layout had been up since March 2008, when Steve and I were still in a crappy little...
01 NOV

Contrails at Sunrise in Palmer

29 OCT

Mitzi's First Dog Park Experience

Mitzi got her rabies shot this morning, which means she's now able to enjoy the wonders of the off-leash dog...
18 OCT

You Gotta Hold the Frame

I have a 4-day weekend this weekend because Tuesday is Alaska Day, one of the fake holidays only the State...
17 OCT

The man I married

I don't regret a thing....
09 OCT

Puppy Kindergarten

I want you to imagine the most adorable thing you possibly could, then add puppy breath and butterflies and rainbows...
05 OCT

Tuesday night at the dog park

27 SEP

Nine Years

Nine years ago my sister did not survive a motorcycle accident. Today I am sitting in a too-small hotel room...
22 SEP

Weekends and Garages and Puppies

I managed to kick all kinds of butt this weekend, beginning by doing a bunch of Studio work on Friday...
18 SEP

Sweet, Sweet Calories

Dreaming about this chocolate chip cookie and Oreo fudge brownie bar topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge....
30 AUG

Meet Mitzi

Mitzi was adopted this weekend from the animal shelter and hasn't wasted any time making herself at home. As...
28 AUG

In Love With A View

Due to some weird life changes (marriage + Steve being laid off from his job) means that I get dental...
23 AUG

75 at the Dog Park

11 AUG


01 AUG

In the wake of Saturday

My Saturday started at 3.30am when the dog tested my asleepness with her tongue because her bladder needed attention. I...
23 JUL

Avoidance in June

I have spent a good chunk of June feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and trying to not freak right out....
25 JUN

Solstice Baby

19 JUN

Painting the Entryway Red

Steve and I decided that we wouldn't fight about paint colors all weekend. In order to facilitate that decision, Olive...
01 JUN

Taped and Primed

Every communication issue you have ever had with your significant other will be drastically amplified when you're standing in the...
26 MAY

Upstairs Walkthrough

If you weren't as horrified by the wood slat in the living/dining area of the main floor of our new...
22 MAY

Main Floor Walk Through

The new house is definitely in need of some love, which is why we got it at such a great...
19 MAY

New House Floorplan

Drawn with the super-fun and super-free I plan to post a walkthrough with photos and commentary to show...
15 MAY

Home Ownership: Please Try Again

This story starts way back in August of aught-ten when Steve looked over at me and said, "Now that we're...
10 MAY

Olive Helps Me Make the Bed

For certain values of help....
27 APR

Olive Reviews David Attenborough

Feeling big and powerful after shredding David Attenborough to bits, Olive takes on a herd of lions: After an...
22 APR

Brie Croque Monsieur

I would very much like to eat this brie croque monsieur for lunch today. Actually, make that everything from...
12 APR

Tomato Soup

Melt 2T butter in a pot over medium heat. Add the following diced vegetables: 1 small onion, 1 carrot, 1...
10 APR

Coffeehouse Stranger

03 APR

The Dog Park Bird Invasion Begins

25 MAR

ART on First Friday

I met up with a few friends for the First Friday gallery opening walk downtown last night. It was...
05 MAR

PSA on Cookies

The last few weeks I've been telling Steve that I feel fat. To which he would roll his eyes and...
28 FEB

Presidents Day

I had today off, so Olive and I took a good long walk today in the sunshine. We got...
21 FEB

Thirty Before 30 Roundup, Pt 2

Continuing to review my accomplishments and slackerliness with my Thirty Before 30 list. The first half of the list is...
04 FEB

Thirty Before 30 Roundup, Pt 1

So a year ago I made this super optimistic list of a ton of things I wanted to accomplish before...
01 FEB

On the Occasion of Turning Thirty

Friday was my birthday and I celebrated by taking the day off work, spending no fewer than three mid-day hours...
31 JAN

Comfort of Home

My mom spent the weekend with us, it was pretty awesome. We hit some antique stores and didn't buy anything...
24 JAN

Ten Hour Cookies

In the last two weeks I have made a batch of chocolate chip cookies on two separate occasions. While the...
20 JAN


Last week I worked a ton of overtime and drank a grand total of 8 cups of water. This resulted...
16 JAN

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