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Taped and Primed

May 26, 2011

Every communication issue you have ever had with your significant other will be drastically amplified when you're standing in the paint aisle of Lowe's.

We've been to the paint aisle of Lowe's every day for the last week. And we have to go at least one more time to buy the actual paint.

I'll let you know if the wedding is canceled.

New house taped and primed

We bought a giant-ass ladder because of the cathedral ceilings in our entryway and master bedroom. We could have gone with a shorter ladder, but the ladder will also come in handy later when we remove the bird nests from the eaves. After the babies have left.

New house taped and primed

New house taped and primed

We removed all of the wood slat in the living area, and Steve did an awesome job of patching all of the nail holes and the crumbly plaster corner. Colors have been selected for the living and dining room, we're still fighting discussing the color for the kitchen.

New house taped and primed

New house taped and primed

New house taped and primed

The master bedroom has been taped and primed and colors selected.

New house taped and primed

My office has been taped and primed and colors selected. Goodbye pepto pink!

New house taped and primed

Steve's office has been taped and primed and colors selected. The wall on the right was only lightly primed because he has decided he will be wallpapering it. And I will not be helping out one bit with that, wallpaper boo hiss.

New house taped and primed

Olive has successfully pooped in the back yard precisely once, despite us refusing to take her for walks and leaving the door open every time we are over there. We don't currently have a yard so we walk around the block three times a day for her to go. I hope she figures out how to eliminate in the back yard soon.

Painting! Woo!

I'm heading to Homer this weekend and am leaving Steve here to work on the house. There's still a lot to be done and just over two weeks until we are out of our apartment, and I am stressing a pretty big way.

New house taped and primed


love the house! Love the ceilings!
Personally I like painting. A lot. But I've never had to paint an entire house in a specific time frame while maintaining the rest of my life...

I totally understand how the paint thing can stress a relationship. Lisa is all for the bold, dark, trendy colors. I'm all for stark white, or at the very least something that reflects more light than it absorbs (hello, this is Alaska, we lack daylight in the winter).

Good luck. Whatever you do, don't choose a poo-brown accent wall.

This all remains exciting! The primer already makes the house look a lot better. And that ladder looks like it might be tall enough to get on the roof, too.

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