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Avoidance in June

June 25, 2011

I have spent a good chunk of June feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and trying to not freak right out. In practice, this looks like me sitting on the couch curled up with another Game of Thrones book - the HBO series hooked me, and if July is as stressful as June then I will finish all of the published books in time for the next one to be released in mid-July.


When we last left the blog, Steve had fallen off of a ladder and spilled blood-red paint all over the entryway. He's fine, by the way. We finally stopped arguing about paint because we got all of the paint on the wall and I'm never painting again.


We had some very lovely and talented friends help us, which proved to be beneficial in two ways: 1. the painting went super quick, and 2. Steve and I weren't painting in the same room even once.


We had a professional carpet cleaner come in and blast that nastiness with every non-dog-killing chemical known to God. And oh man, they look so much better. I'm now comfortable walking around barefoot.

Moving In

They even got a good portion of the paint up from the carpet on the stairwell landing. The entryway, however, is still a mess. And from the outside, the window above the door looks splattered with blood. I wonder why none of our new neighbors have come over with cookies yet.

Moving In

Then with the help of some other friends with trucks and brothers with trailers we got everything moved in. The garage has already served an extremely useful service as temporary-box-holder. Hopefully one day I will be able to get my car into it.

Moving In

I will admit to not being happy with the orange in the kitchen. Steve has admitted similar unhappiness with the orange; it's too bright. A lighter orange would brighten it all up, I think, as would painting the cabinets white, but do I want to paint anything right now? Heck no.

Moving In

But our kitchen table fits in the dining room, which is fantastic because I love that solid mahogany hand-made table and its Phillipines background and the chairs I reupholstered. Steve even took extra time to sand and oil the wood tracks to insure the table leaf might actually come out when we want it too.

Moving In

Moving In

Moving In

Installing a curtain rod in the master bedroom with "temporary" too-short curtains that will do "for now" was a priority, as was getting the door put back on. Because summer solstice attacks the bedroom from its windows and the windows in the stairwell and have I mentioned it was two weeks until I found my eyemask packed away in a box?

Moving In

The amount of room in our respective offices is almost as ridiculous as Steve's crush on Twig the Fairy. We've had some time this month to do some work (aka dink around on Facebook) in our separate offices, and I am here to tell you that it is Not Working One Bit At All.

Moving In

First of all we just don't have enough office furniture to justify two big rooms like this. And secondly when we want to share something online with each other, it now goes like this:

Steve sends me a link through gChat.
I yell my comment.
He shouts WHAT.
I send him my comment through gChat.
He gets up and walks ALL THE WAY over to my office and sits on the floor.
We share a chuckle over a He-Man What's Going On video parody.
Steve goes back to his office.

So. Plans are in the making to once again share an office and possibly turn the other room into a guest bedroom and library. There are too many rooms in this new house.

Moving In

Moving In

Moving In

Moving In

All of the new appliances are awesome, even if we did have a lot of difficulty with the Lowes deliveries. Difficulty such as the delivery man telling me to wait until my husband gets home before attempting to uninstall the old dishwasher. Difficulty such as me telling the delivery guy Who Do You Think You Are. Difficulty such as the salesman telling us our new range isn't in town and the delivery man telling us it's on his truck. Difficulty such as the store manager offering us another 10% discount on the entire purchase.

But the new refrigerator and range have a Sabbath mode, which pretty much makes up for all of those difficulties.

Not even 9am and my new deck looks like this.

So does sunshine on my new deck.

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