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Sweet, Sweet Calories

August 30, 2011

Dreaming about this chocolate chip cookie and Oreo fudge brownie bar topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge.

Meet Mitzi

August 28, 2011


Mitzi was adopted this weekend from the animal shelter and hasn't wasted any time making herself at home.


As a good example of "making herself at home," before we made it home she pooped on the back seat of the car right next to Donovan who kept screaming "SHE'S POOPING!"


Everyone's best guess is that she is a german shepherd / boxer mix. She's already over 8 pounds even though she's just 8 weeks old. I expect her to be bigger than Olive within a month.


The two dogs have been getting along better than I had expected, especially since Olive is usually a big butthead about letting other dogs into her house. There have been a few moments of barking and growling (mostly when Mitzi tries to chew on the same bone Olive is currently chewing on), but mostly the two ignore each other.


She's playful and lovable and follows everyone around like a little shadow. She hasn't been crying much when we kennel her. And she chases her tail until she falls over, then starts all over again.


Also she has puppy breath. What more could we ask for?


In Love With A View

August 23, 2011

Due to some weird life changes (marriage + Steve being laid off from his job) means that I get dental and vision insurance coverage for the month of August and I didn't want to not use it. So I immediately made appointments everywhere to stock up on contacts and tooth polishing.

My prescription didn't change at all, which is great. But even though I could still see just fine from my old glasses, the metal paint had started to chip from the ear pieces which were now rubbing a hole in the top of my ear.

Since insurance will only pay for contacts OR glasses, not both, I decided to try one of those super-cheap online frames place.

I selected a pair that was very similar to my current pair.

photo (1)

photo 2

And I selected a frame that was nothing like my current pair.


photo 1

The prescription feels just as good, and the frames just as sturdy, as a $300 pair from my optometrist - by which I mean I expect them to last until I sit on them.

I am really happy with both of them, even more so since they cost me $30.
For the pair.
Including shipping.

Everything that has been going good today I have attributed to my sexy new plastic glasses.

Dinner was great? It's the glasses. Found a great parking spot at work? These glasses are magical.

Random construction worker flirting with me? Well, that was probably the leggy dress. But also the glasses.

I am totally tempted to start collecting glasses like I collect shoes: a different pair for each outfit. The possibilities are unlimited and make me incredibly giddy.

75 at the Dog Park

August 11, 2011

dog park-1


dog park-2

dog park-3

So much sun at the dog park.


August 1, 2011







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