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Meet Mitzi

August 28, 2011


Mitzi was adopted this weekend from the animal shelter and hasn't wasted any time making herself at home.


As a good example of "making herself at home," before we made it home she pooped on the back seat of the car right next to Donovan who kept screaming "SHE'S POOPING!"


Everyone's best guess is that she is a german shepherd / boxer mix. She's already over 8 pounds even though she's just 8 weeks old. I expect her to be bigger than Olive within a month.


The two dogs have been getting along better than I had expected, especially since Olive is usually a big butthead about letting other dogs into her house. There have been a few moments of barking and growling (mostly when Mitzi tries to chew on the same bone Olive is currently chewing on), but mostly the two ignore each other.


She's playful and lovable and follows everyone around like a little shadow. She hasn't been crying much when we kennel her. And she chases her tail until she falls over, then starts all over again.


Also she has puppy breath. What more could we ask for?



What an adorable puppy! (Any chance of video of the tail-chasing? :))

Wow, I can't believe you have a BIG dog! How exciting, she's very cute too.

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