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Mitzi's First Dog Park Experience

October 18, 2011

Mitzi got her rabies shot this morning, which means she's now able to enjoy the wonders of the off-leash dog parks. It was pretty much the most exciting hour of her life ever.

Mtizi's first dog park-2

Mtizi's first dog park

As of this morning she weighed 26 pounds, which is twice Olive's weight.

Mtizi's first dog park-1

Mtizi's first dog park-8

Except for the lake; the lake was Bad News because it is Wet OMG, even though Olive kept bringing sticks out of it that Mitzi wanted.

Mtizi's first dog park-5

Mtizi's first dog park-6

Mtizi's first dog park

It was a gorgeous day to be out with the family.

Mtizi's first dog park-4


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