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Mitzi Is Learning the Laziness

November 28, 2011

A couple of evenings last night and this weekend we have been at our computers or on the couch when we realize the house is quiet and the dogs are missing in action. Which gets us all worried because at least when they're trying to kill each other (AKA "playing") we can hear exactly where they are.

So if they are quiet, either one of them has succeeded in killing the other, or they found something more interesting than each other to destroy.

See: curtains; toilet paper roll; bathroom trash; cables and wires behind our computers.

But instead of finding mayhem when we went looking for the dogs, we discovered that they had put themselves to bed.

Mitzi in bed

Mitzi turns five months next week and has plateaued at 36 pounds. I know she weighs 36 pounds because yesterday I weighed her on the bathroom scale and she farted the entire time I held her. Continuous farting. I reassured her that a bathroom scale is a source of anxiety for a lot of people.


We have the same anxiety, although now that Zoomy is out of her chewing phase (for the most part - just don't leave her unattended in the house) things are much better. Like, right now I'm downstairs and the dogs are upstairs on their dog beds near Tanya and I don't have paranoia about them chewing through cords or creating chaos.. most of the time :^) If they do, we're ready to cope though, and have a steam cleaner ready just in case they decide that marking is the activity of the day.

I just don't trust a 40-pound, 4-legged toddler all alone in my house. Is all. Although I trust her a whole heck of a lot more than I trusted Olive at that age.

My first laugh of the day!

And what was it caused by?

"Continuous farting. I reassured her that a bathroom scale is a source of anxiety for a lot of people."

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