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November 5, 2011

This morning I met my brother and his new husband in their super awesome Owner's Suite for brunch. Then I gave them big hugs as they left for the airport and headed over to a coffee shop where I met up with a long-time internet friend JIM.

Jim was actually Steve's online friend first, and I got to know him around the same time I got to know Steve. I've only met Jim once before, when Steve and I went to San Francisco way back in 2007. We dragged Jim to the amusement park with us even though he didn't like rides.

Just like four years ago, Jim was very pleasant (he is Canadian, after all) and funny. We chatted over bad coffee and pleasant tea while I was distracted by a poorly designed poster behind him.

I just don't understand how an advertisement poster went to print without anyone mentioning that the Vespa windshield looked extremely phallic.

I also don't understand how I failed to take a photo of the poster.

After coffee we walked around downtown a bit. The tour was so thorough that Jim made sure to point out fascinating landmarks such as the Olympic torch, a giant Lego orca whale, and his dentist.

Fascinating place, Vancouver. There are dentists.

Then we headed over to English Bay and walked along the water for awhile. That was lovely, I could have walked along the bay for hours.

Inushuk at English Bay, Vancouver

But the sun was setting and my tummy started growling and Jim mentioned this great ramen placed he had been to with some friends and so we found ourselves standing in line with a number of Japanese people waiting for noodles.

Which Jim decided was the perfect time to admit that the one time he had been to this restaurant with his friends he didn't actually have any ramen. But there was always a line so it must be good.

Ramen with @HydrogenGuy was fantastic. Why don't we have ramen in Alaska?

And indeed it was good. So good that I have no idea why we don't have a ramen house in Alaska. Lots of sushi places, no ramen. This is a shame and someone should get on that.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos today. And I still have something like 50 Canadian dollars I need to spend before I leave because there's no place in Alaska for me to exchange it.

So the plan for tomorrow is to get breakfast and take photos in the morning, then when the shops open (11?) do some economy-supporting shopping before heading back to the condo to check out and make my way back to the airport for home.

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