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December 1, 2011

A week or so ago I decided now that our family was more solidly in the Family side of the continuum and less in the Living In Sin side, what with a house and two dogs and a son and a marriage and all, that we should start some Traditions with a Capital T.

Me: Hey what do you think about doing an advent this year?
Steve: What, with chocolates?
Me: No more like fun things for us to do together as a family.
Steve: ...
Me: But not as stuffy and boring as that sounds.

And so I made a list. Of fun things to do together as a family that aren't boring AT ALL.

And then I got out the ruler and the glue stick and the paper and pulled out my best impression of my mother and went all crafty on this advent's ass.

The plan was to hang a paper chain in the house and clip little numbered envelopes on it, and inside the envelopes would be the day's activity. I printed a couple of alternate activities in case we couldn't do one for whatever reason (weather, crisis, laziness, this-is-dumbness).

Have you ever made your own envelopes? I find them super fun but then I'm the kind of person who finds math and rulers pretty darn fun. Here's what I did.

First I created a template (see: math and rulers, above) and traced it out onto my colored paper.


Then I cut along the lines and used a ruler (again with the ruler! it's ridiculous!) to press the flaps in along a straight line.


With all of the flaps creased in, I glued those suckers down.



And then I repeated the process 29 more times until my hands were cramping and I cursed at the ruler and wondered if glue stick these days tastes as good as it used to.


I printed out all of the activities (and the alternates) and slipped them into each of the envelopes, numbering them as I went.

Advent in the making

Tonight we all sat around the dining table and strung together a paper chain for the advent and Donovan clipped the envelopes on.


Donovan: That wasn't as boring as I thought it would be!

147.365 All of our days are numbered

Advent day 1: Make a paper chain and clip the envelopes to it.


you're brilliant! i'm copying this. xo

We had a felt advent calendar wall hanging thing when I was growing up - and important part of our Christmas tradition. It's currently re-incarnated as fridge magnets, because what does a toddler love better than fridge magnets?

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