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Freezer Meals

Over the last six months, Steve has stepped in and taken over the majority of the household meal planning and...
30 DEC

The Giving of a Gift to Another

Steve and I enjoy making Christmas gifts for our friends and family, like the year we made vanilla, and the...
23 DEC

Snow Play at Connor's Bog

16 DEC

Less Than Zero

06 DEC

Waiting for Transfer

30 NOV

From My Desk: Friday Sunset

I sat capturing the sun's last moment of Friday when my boss walked over to my desk. "I'm very busy,"...
19 NOV

From My Desk: Friday Sunrise

On clear winter days I make myself stop and take a minute to watch the sun rise. The sun rising...
16 NOV

Dog Park Before the Snow

12 NOV

Sandy Beach at Sunset

Before dinner with a girlfriend before I left Juneau, I wandered along the very cold Sandy Beach at sunset. It...
03 NOV

Airplane Sunrise at 20mm and 135mm

31 OCT

Saturday afternoon

27 OCT

The Lines of 135mm

22 OCT

Strangers at 135mm

I bought a new lens Friday night and walked around Anchorage for an hour today with it. I am in...
20 OCT

Mustard and Black

I am always in need of dress pants, because dress pants are nearly impossible to fit properly. If they fit...
19 OCT

Evening Lights

18 OCT

After Dinner Walk

15 OCT

Swim and Dive

Donovan has been on his high school swim and dive team this year, and it's been a lot of fun...
14 OCT

Ten Year Fantasies

I often have little fantasies about what Melissa's life would be like at 28 years old. Most of my fantasies...
22 SEP

Schoolgirl Valette: IEP

In 3rd grade I was evaluated for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and placed in a gifted group called Quest....
29 JUL

Schoolgirl Valette: 13 Minute Mile

My elementary school gym teacher, Mrs. Johnson, was terrifying. She was old and wrinkly and threatened the worst punishment in...
24 JUL

Schoolgirl Valette: Best Subject

When we were down in Homer visiting my mother a few weeks ago, she handed me an overstuffed file folder...
16 JUL

S'mores at the Octapit

14 JUL

Mitzi turns 1

Today was Mitzi's birthday. We celebrated by taking her downtown to the Park Strip for the Independence Day festival, where...
04 JUL

Kincaid Beach on Solstice Weekend

It's been in the mid-to-high 70s here this week which is CRAZY and making all of us Alaskans very ADHD....
23 JUN

A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

Last year I didn't get to plant any plants because it was too late in the season to start anything...
21 MAY

Mt. Roberts Trail

I spent about a week in Juneau in April for work and the weather was just gorgeous the entire time...
11 MAY

Dog Problems

Sunday we took the dogs to the park and they had the bestest time. Mitzi gets so excited at the...
08 MAY

Excited By the Boringest of Things

Around this time last year we were fighting The Man while trying to buy a house, marking the largest purchase...
11 APR

Spring has Begun

Every year the sun warms up just enough to start the melting process. The berms lining the road melt...
22 MAR

Sunny March Days

This weekend felt incredibly warm, and by that I mean it was in the mid-30s and so, so sunny. The...
18 MAR

Emily in the Morning

I celebrated the start of Daylight Savings Time by meeting a friend in the cold at sunrise. She brought a...
14 MAR

Leap Day

Donovan is an aide in the special needs class 7th period, which is really pretty awesome. It's exposing him...
29 FEB

Slightly Short of Breath

A few weeks ago a photographer acquaintance of mine approached me about speaking about my 365 self portraits at the...
26 FEB

Japanese Curry

1. Start a bunch of white rice to steam early because you always forget this part and dinner is always...
15 FEB

January Woronzof Sunset

23 JAN

Things that made today not 100% suck

I packed up last night's leftover fried rice into snap lock containers for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised...
19 JAN

Below zero at the park

The temps have dropped here and the sun is back out once again after a few days of heavy snowfall....
14 JAN

Jeff Harris: 12 years of self portraits

"I see no reason to not make a self-portrait each day," the photographer says. "I'm always around and always...
10 JAN

2012 Goal: Lunch Breaks

One of my goals for this new year involves taking actual and for real breaks during the middle of the...
06 JAN

Miserable Olive

On Sunday we noticed Olive had blood in her urine, so Tuesday morning I got her the first available appointment...
04 JAN

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