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Spring has Begun

March 22, 2012

Snow berm icicles

Every year the sun warms up just enough to start the melting process. The berms lining the road melt from the bottom up, it seams, leaving a large gravel-covered overhang from the top and large icicles dangling below. It's gorgeous, and I can never capture its beauty with my camera: the photos end up looking like dirty snow.

This week the sun has been out in full force (even though the high temperatures have been in the high 20s with lows around 0 still), and my drive home had the icicles backlit by the sunset.

This is the first time I feel the photos have done justice to the delicate beauty of rotting snow.

snow berm icicles-2

snow berm icicles-4

snow berm icicles-6

snow berm icicles-5

snow berm icicles-3

Sunny March Days

March 18, 2012

This weekend felt incredibly warm, and by that I mean it was in the mid-30s and so, so sunny.

The dogs took turns laying in the dining room sunbeam, a constant rotation from the rug in front of the back door to under the table to the living room floor and back again all afternoon.

Then I kicked them into the back yard and couldn't resist following.

Back yard fun

back yard in March-3

There was a lot of running and chasing and some wrestling and the Olive was all NOT FAIR and wanted to go inside.

Then I noticed there was a packed dog trail leading behind the shed and I went to investigate. I was there for two seconds before Mitzi ran in front of me and sat down and very suspiciously told me NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG.

back yard in March-1

That dark patch on the left side of that photo? Right behind my very guilty-looking puppy? That's a hole dug in the snow, leading underneath the shed.

This explains why she can spend four hours in the back yard.

I couldn't see into it, even after pushing her out of the way. I don't know what she does down there, probably writes bad poetry about how unfair life is.

But I like to imagine she has her own little speakeasy, serving drinks to neighborhood dogs while playing some cool jazz and hosting poker games.

I can't wait to crawl under there this summer.

Emily in the Morning

March 14, 2012

I celebrated the start of Daylight Savings Time by meeting a friend in the cold at sunrise. She brought a ukulele. The mountains were magical.

Ukulele in the morning

Emily CD-3

Emily CD cover-1-2

Emily CD-1

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