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Excited By the Boringest of Things

April 11, 2012

Around this time last year we were fighting The Man while trying to buy a house, marking the largest purchase of our entire lives, as well as a Big Step Into Adulthood while continuing to merely shack up with each other instead of having already done the Honorable Thing and Getting Married.

Where was I?

Oh right, the house. It was a great deal, good solid bones, but the inside had a lot of... shall we say, opportunities for improvement.

One such opportunity was the garage door.

It was wood and looked really nice from the outside, but it wasn't insulated, wasn't energy efficient, and the motor had been fried and wires cut before we moved in.

So for the past year, this is how we have been entering and exiting our garage:


Picture this same scene (without the chairs, obv), but with me in my skirt suit and heels during a snowstorm, standing ankle-deep in new snow opening and closing the door. Every time the car left or arrived at the house we did this.

Not only did it suck, it was also extremely loud. And since the master bedroom is right above the garage, it meant that I couldn't sneak out of the house in the middle of the night go to the gym early in the morning without waking Steve and the dogs.

We wanted to replace the opener, it was one of the first things on our Fix The House Fo' Real list. But we also knew that the pretty wood garage door was leaking something awful, and would probably need to be insulated after our energy efficiency rating. And it'd be best to do it all at the same time.

So we waited.

Energy audit turned our house into the ET house.

The energy auditor came at the end of December and turned our house into the ET house. She had three big things for us to upgrade, all of which were already on our radar:

  1. Replace the boiler, the existing one was original to the house and almost as old as I am. It's leaking a small amount of gas, and just spilling good energy everywhere.
  2. Replace the water heater, the existing one is long past its useful life and probably filled with rust.
  3. Replace the garage door entirely with one that has an actual R-value rating, even though it won't be as pretty as the existing wood door.

Now that we had our energy rating in hand (2.5 stars, which is very common, we can easily get it up to a 4.5+), we got quotes on doors and the one company we liked the most suggested we wait for the Home and Remodeling Show because then we'd get an additional discount.

So to the home show we went. And found it was pretty useless - one guy tried to talk us out of an on-demand water heater, we picked up some pamphlets and candy, and we took pictures in some of the mirrors. But! We scheduled a garage door install that included a discount, so it was totally worth it!

The installer was here today - just one guy all by himself. It took him about 4-5 hours to get everything up and running, and. Dude.

You guys.
I am in love with this door.


Let's talk about all of the reasons I love my new garage door.

  • It's energy efficient, which will reduce our heating costs for the rest of this spring and all of the winters hereafter.
  • More importantly, it's MOTORIZED! Which means I will never have to get out of my car again to manually open the garage door.
  • It's super duper quiet when opening and closing, so no more waking me up when Steve gets home from Nerd Night after midnight.
  • There's a light on the opener that automagically comes on when the button is pressed, so no more groping through the garage after closing the door, hoping I won't trip over Donovan's bicycle and the box of canned tomatoes on my way to find the light switch.
  • You guys we have a BUTTON. In my CAR. That opens the door like MAGIC.


I'm fully aware that my overwhelming adoration of a garage door is one of the more silly and adult things to fall in love with.

Like when we installed the new washer and dryer and I sat on the floor watching them spin for a lot longer than I will ever admit.

Or like how every time I open my refrigerator door - the refrigerator that I selected and installed - I hear a chorus of angels blessing my eggs and milk with the heavenly interior light.

I know that all of those place me very solidly in the realm of Adulthood.
Just like my new garage door.

I embrace that.


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