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May 8, 2012

Sunday we took the dogs to the park and they had the bestest time. Mitzi gets so excited at the park: being one with nature nearly gives her an aneurysm, all of the other awesome dogs and people and her head explodes.

Olive is just as excited to be at the park, but for a completely different reason: so many things to pee on! It's fantastic! Pee on ALL THE THINGS!

Which is how we noticed that Olive's urine was rather dark, and is that blood? Did that come out of her?

Cue a bunch of embarrassing (for all involved) pee-pee checks and my face getting rather up close and personal with every stick and leaf she peed on to confirm that yes, Olive was urinating blood.

A few months ago we had noticed the same thing and the vet put her on a course of antibiotics that cleared everything right up, so back to the vet we went.

305.365 Wincing cheeks and dog problems

We did a lot of waiting while Olive had some fun experiences like having her bladder expressed while she was in a sling and oh did I mention the bird named Molly who oversees the whole process? BARK.

Also there were xrays and... holy crap. Do you see that big egg-shaped thing on the right?


Hello, Mr. Bladder Stone. You look awfully large today.

Some test results came in today that shows her urine has a lot of protein, a lot of blood cells, is very basic instead of neutral, two kinds of bacteria, and struvite crystals.

Basically there's a party in Olive's bladder, and everyone's tearing shit up.

We're waiting for the culture results which should come in early next week, but we are currently weighing treatment options.

Option 1 is to put her on a diet intended to dissolve the stone enough for her to pass it, which requires spendy medicated food and xrays and cultures every 4-6 weeks. Option 2 is surgery.

In the meantime we're tricking her into taking antibiotics and mixing her food with soupy rice boiled in chicken stock so that she ingests more water.

Also searching Etsy for "struvite" and wondering how much we could get for a dog-bladder-stone necklace.


So sorry to hear about this! Keep up posted, and I sure hope that Olive will be okay! :)

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