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Kincaid Beach on Solstice Weekend

June 23, 2012

It's been in the mid-to-high 70s here this week which is CRAZY and making all of us Alaskans very ADHD. Today I had intended a bunch of Do Stuff but then Steve's brother invited us to hike down to Kincaid Beach and damn I'm glad we did because I got to soak up all the sun I could and there aren't many places in Alaska where it's not too strange to wear a bikini.

Also Mitzi thought this was the BEST PLACE EVER because the tide was out and she could runrunrun in all of the muddy silt and it was just SO MUCH FUN OMG. After a few hours on the beach we hiked back to the car and threw the dogs in Little Campbell Lake to wash all of the dirt off of them.

A really good day.

353.365 Sit back and wave through the daylight

kincaid beach-3

kincaid beach-4

kincaid beach-5

kincaid beach-2

kincaid beach-1

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