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Waiting for Transfer

November 30, 2012

From My Desk: Friday Sunset

November 19, 2012

I sat capturing the sun's last moment of Friday when my boss walked over to my desk.

"I'm very busy," I told her.
I couldn't tear my eyes away.

From My Desk: Friday Sunrise

November 16, 2012

On clear winter days I make myself stop and take a minute to watch the sun rise. The sun rising is such a special moment when we don't get to see much of it. To work in the dark. Back home in the dark. Give the sun your attention.

Dog Park Before the Snow

November 12, 2012

Sandy Beach at Sunset

November 3, 2012

Before dinner with a girlfriend before I left Juneau, I wandered along the very cold Sandy Beach at sunset. It was gorgeous. My shoes still have sand in them.

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