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Seward's Day Snow Storm

March 31, 2013

I had Seward's Day -- a State holiday that only State employees celebrate -- off from work last week. What's special about this year's Seward's Day is that it also snowed one million inches (daily record!) of snow overnight.

We started the holiday by dropping our car off at the body shop to fix damage from a few weeks ago (who, incidentally, had the car the entire week prior and didn't even do ONE SINGLE THING to fix the car and, oh, the words that were exchanged, and promises finally made to provide us with a free rental car for the next week while they for reals and seriously fixed our car).

Then we had a struggle with the rental car place who had "upgraded" us to a minivan that was so useless in the snow that it wouldn't even make it out of the rental car's parking lot.

After finally getting downgraded back to a sedan with actual weight over the front-wheel-drive tires, we headed to the vet to get Olive some cough medicine where they played "soothing nature sounds" over speakers in the exam room that included SNARLING RAVENOUS WOLVES. Which Olive found incredibly soothing.

After that extremely exciting Seward's Day morning of happy adventure time, I pulled on my boots and my hat and took my camera for a blizardy walk.

The trail was so quiet and empty I was kicking myself for not bringing the dogs and exercising the heck out of them in the deep snow. Until my eyes identified and followed some moose tracks right to a pair of moose covered by snow blankets.

And then I realized I, too, was slowly being covered by a snow blanket. And I was tempted to sit down on the trail and just enjoy the gorgeous snow and quiet woods with the moose pair.

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