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The Day After the Storm

April 3, 2013

In addition to having the Seward's Day holiday off from work, I took the day after off from work as a personal day. I returned to 260 new emails needing some sort of attention, but it was totally worth it.

There was very little stress to the day compared to the day previous: the snow had stopped falling, the sun came out, and I didn't have to wrestle a muzzle onto Olive so that the vet could listen to her wheezing bronchitis.

I spent the morning at the coffee shop with Steve, and read about a funny camera trick using a plastic bag and you know I was right on top of that.

Like the day previous, I donned my hat and my boots, left off my snow pants and opted for fleece lined leggings instead: the height of Alaskan winter fashion. I wrapped some plastic wrap around my lens and walked to Jewel Lake, making dreamy snowscape photos along the way.

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