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All of the Snow

December 15, 2013

I was in Juneau last week for work, and while I was there they were hit with a big snow storm. It was beautiful and chilly and windy and airplanes couldn't land.

My plane did manage to take off from Juneau, albeit late and quite bumpily, and I made it home safe. Just in time to experience the same snow storm again.

And the dogs were driving everyone crazy because wah the snow is too snowy to go out and do any business in. So Donovan and I bundled them up in hew sweaters and booties and took them both to the park today.

We forged our own trails through a foot and a half of powdery snow, which Mitzi thought was amazing and Olive thought was torture. Which might be related to the snow being deeper than Olive is tall.

For a good portion of the walk I was the main trail maker, Mitzi was directly behind me in my path, and Olive was behind Mitzi.

Towards the end of the walk Olive just sat down in the snow and was done. DONE. Because she hates everything and everybody and the deep snow in particular.

I think it was the most pathetic I have ever seen her when at the park.

I didn't pick her up. GET MOVING, DOG.

They slept like amazing once we got home. Well worth it.

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