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32 Books in 2014

My reading goal for 2014 was 30 books, and the two I started and finished since last Friday pushed me...
31 DEC

Holiday Card Almosts

(Our real holiday card can be found on my studio blog, but these are more fun. Plus: butts.)...
25 DEC

Double Sexy Christmas

This year's Christmas gift was a last minute change in plans because I wasn't very excited about our original plan...
23 DEC

Golden Privilege (33.10)

The more parenting that I do, the more I am aware of just how goddamned privileged I was as a...
06 NOV

When September Ends (33.9)

I've been experiencing low-grade depression most (all?) of the month but wasn't able to identify it as such. Which is...
01 OCT

Kincaid Park

23 SEP

Making of a Ringmaster

This month's self portrait started just like almost every other self portrait I've done: with a trip to the thrift...
05 SEP

Ringmaster (33.8)

Steve spent over a week in Indianapolis earlier this month at GenCon. He had a great time and I am...
31 AUG

Pair of Frogs

06 AUG

Living As An Impostor (33.7)

Our dishwasher went on the fritz a few weeks ago, making this terrible noise at the beginning of the wash...
31 JUL

Bird Rave

Last week I was crabby. Last week I was crabby because I didn't get any sleep. Last week I was...
18 JUL

Bike to Work Day

In the beginning of June, Anchorage held it's annual Bike To Work Day which is a very fun day that...
15 JUL

Lemon Raspberry Cupcake

Lemon cake 3 cups self-rising flour ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup unsalted butter - room temperature 2 cups white sugar...
10 JUL

Mitzi Turns Three

America has the great honor of sharing a birthday with our youngest dog, Mitzi. Remember when she was a wee...
04 JUL

A Little Bit of Polka Dots (33.6)

This is not a How I Spent My Summer Vacation, By Valette Keller, Age 33 kind of a blog post....
29 JUN

North Wildwood Boardwalk

21 JUN

Easy Saturday

08 JUN

Standing In My Own Way (33.5)

This has not been a good mental health month for me. It has been a month of desperately trying to...
31 MAY

Get Myself Grounded (33.4)

April has been the calm before the burst of summer activity. The sun is out yet the breeze is still...
30 APR

Exhausting Darkness (33.3)

My eye has turned me into the kind of person who will not shut up about her medical problems and...
31 MAR

Eye Face and Magical Steroids

Two weekends ago I had a fantastic engagement session at Beluga Point. There were no clouds in the sky and...
21 MAR

Playing After the Snowstorm

16 MAR

Entrances, Exits and Transitions (33.2)

February has been a month of big change as I started my new job. The transition came with more drama...
01 MAR

Sunrises and Avalanches

I spent a day in Valdez this past week. Before my meetings started, I found a coffee stand and parked...
08 FEB

The Inner Voice of Lady Justice (33.1)

I'm pretty terrible with making decisions. Wait, let me qualify that. I'm pretty terrible with making important decisions. Also decisions...
28 JAN

2013 in Books

At the beginning of 2013 I set a goal to read 25 books that year. I figured 2 per month...
01 JAN

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