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A Little Bit of Polka Dots (33.6)

June 29, 2014

This is not a How I Spent My Summer Vacation, By Valette Keller, Age 33 kind of a blog post. It could be, though.

It could be about the 10 hour plane rides and the bad airport food and the luggage that went to Florida instead of Philadelphia and the death defying changing of a rental car flat tire with my husband on the tiny shoulder of Interstate 95 and the sweltering 94 degrees and the oppressive 98% humidity and the panic attacks in New York City.

But it's not.

It could be about this polka dot suit and how I feel really freaking cute in it and how it took us a good hour of walking the boardwalk in Wildwood to find large white sunglasses to make the outfit. But it's not about that either.

This is about finding moments of happiness and light no matter the circumstances.

Spending a few hours shopping in Atlantic City and then jumping the waves in the Atlantic Ocean at Wildwood, us Alaskans the only ones near the water.

Rita's wild berry water ice.

Spending time with my stepdaughter, meeting her boyfriend and his awesome parents, and seeing my husband's favorite aunts.

Searching for Cape May diamonds on Sunset Beach

Asking lots of stupid questions to my husband as I and my GPS navigated us driving one million miles back and forth across New Jersey and Pennsylvania as I tried to learn How America Works.

Rolling my eyes at the kids giggling about the penises in the Mütter Museum and asking why they weren't giggling at the vaginas because a museum full of body parts is the best place for a bit of feminism.

Kohr Bros frozen custard with jimmies instead of sprinkles.

Brainstorming ideas with the teen and husband of a Seuss-like book about New Jersey toll roads completely taking over the state and pushing all residents out.

Holding my husband's hand as we watched the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

I was recently turned onto a project called 100 Happy Days and I signed up immediately. I've seen similar projects before, projects that help people seek out the good things, the happy things, the things that fill us with gratitude.

I need a little bit of that in my every day life. A little bit of pink with polka dots, of ridiculous large white sunglasses, of walking through the surf. A little bit of happiness.

North Wildwood Boardwalk

June 21, 2014

Easy Saturday

June 8, 2014

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