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Ringmaster (33.8)

August 31, 2014

Steve spent over a week in Indianapolis earlier this month at GenCon. He had a great time and I am glad he had the opportunity to blend in with thousands of other bearded nerds and play lots of games and eat bad chili on top of spagetti and covered by three pounds of cheese.

His trip left me to wrangle the teenager and two dogs alone in the final days of summer break.

My newfound power caused me to sing the theme song to Charles in Charge for pretty much the entire week, substituting my own name in for Charles.

I found this way more entertaining that Donovan or Olive did, and Mitzi was just happy that I was serenading her because any attention is good attention Mitzi is such a good dog.

I made decisions such as: what to eat for dinner (waffles!), where to bring the car for some work (adult things!), how many mochas to drink (all of the mochas!), which work outfits I could wear without any additional assistance (no back-zipping dresses!), how to spend a long weekend (go to Homer!), and which side of the bed to sleep on (lol just kidding Olive gets to decide that!).

And then Steve brought an ear infection home with him that kept him in bed for another week. So we continued operating under the Valette in Charge regime.

Taking care of the dogs and staying on top of the teenager's schedule and transportation requirements and bringing Steve soup and nagging him about taking his medication and getting dinner on the table and hitting work deadlines and last night I had a little breakdown, because this shit is hard.

I am so grateful to have a husband who is a real partner with me, who shoulders the household responsibilities and decisions with me, who calls me on my bullshit and expects me to call him on his, and who hugs me when I need it after a little stress breakdown. I don't always want to be in charge.

Pair of Frogs

August 6, 2014

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