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Hi, I'm Valette

I'm a photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I've recently become a wife, a stepmother, and a homeowner. Life is pretty awesome. You can email me anytime. Learn more...

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Also this will be baking while we eat dinner and it will SMELL SO GOOD and then it will TASTE SO GOOD #pie 6 hours ago

Reminder that my house is open to you on Thursday. We have a space for you. And Olive has a tennis ball for you to throw. 6 hours ago

ALL OF THE GRAVY 6 hours ago

Whyyy when I click on the French Kisses Melted I am told the product doesn't exist?? @Sephora 6 hours ago

Have instructed the menfolk to learn Adele's Hello for Thanksgiving and they think I'm joking. #snl 8 hours ago

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