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Hi, I'm Valette

I'm a photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I've recently become a wife, a stepmother, and a homeowner. Life is pretty awesome. You can email me anytime. Learn more...

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Do not even pretend you don't sing along to this song at the top of your lungs too #getonyourbikesandride #fatbottomgirls 14 hours ago

Year end commute home & it's my song on the radio & no one can harsh my groove #getonyourbikesandride #fatbottomgirls 14 hours ago

This is my Kick Year End In The Balls outfit 16 hours ago

HI TWITTER I am barely surviving the fiscal year end but my hair is great so things aren't all bad 39 hours ago

Cleaned up the raspberry patch today and I wish I had a before photo because you couldn't even see them. 89 hours ago

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