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Hi, I'm Valette

I'm a photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I've recently become a wife, a stepmother, and a homeowner. Life is pretty awesome. You can email me anytime. Learn more...

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Just remembered that I washed my face in the shower earlier after my bike commute home & I don't have to take my makeup off before bed #yay 9 hours ago

People on the trails are happier and friendlier at 7am than they are at 5pm. Gorgeous day for a bicycle commute! 13 hours ago

Papercut on my upper lip = time for this day to be over 15 hours ago

Reindeer dog lunch date downtown. 18 hours ago

It's mesmerizing, isn't it? RT @bleutabbies: Dear Diary, Today I stared at @Valette 's butt for, like, a really really long time. 19 hours ago

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